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The Shoemaker’s RANDE Pop Up

    Date: 16th April, 2016 Location: Parachute Collective, Bethnal Green, London E2 ————————————————————– We ventured down an East London alleyway and into the Bethnal Green railway arches. We walked into the fully functioning, bespoke shoemaker (cordwainer) with its beautifully backlit machinery and a communal dining table running through. With no kitchen to speak of, … Continue reading The Shoemaker’s RANDE Pop Up

RANDE Pop Up is also available for small or large scale catering jobs either at home or at a hired venue. Email randepopup@hotmail.com for full details. Additional Services Offered: Menu Collaboration (items can be selected from any previous pop up menus) Cutlery/Plate/Glass/Table/Chair Rental Venue Scouting Waiters will be provided depending on the scale of the event Continue reading

The Hunting Party – 17 January 2015

Sick of hanging around smug couples night after night? Bored of engagement announcements? R△NDE’s Hunting Party was a night for ‘unencumbered’ (single) food lovers. We hunted for a spouses, had a snog, a decent bit of grub and healthy dose of booze. No couples allowed. Chat ups actively encouraged. Tickets were £25 each excluding booze, which were provided … Continue reading The Hunting Party – 17 January 2015

Ironic Independence Day Feast – 10th July 2014

Rande presented a mildly ironic American Independence Day. This was a foodie extravaganza. With lots of patriotism. U-S-A! Menu: Appetizer: Masquerading Faux Twinkies First Course: Lobster Rolls Corn Salad Main Course: Fried Pickles Buffalo Wing Sandwich Homemade Hot Dogs Watermelon Salad Dessert: Homemade Bourbon Ice Cream with Homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts Continue reading Ironic Independence Day Feast – 10th July 2014