Day 8 at Quintonil

It’s been a year of intense stress, joy and utter terror having quit my day job in June to pursue pop up chef aspirations. And with all the madness of the past year, I have to say that I’ve never worked quite as hard as I have in the past 7 days. The week feels … Continue reading Day 8 at Quintonil

Day 7 (Day Off!)

Worked 72 hours in one week. It’s only not 80 because Monday was short (6 hours) as there was no service. A day off!! Wahoo!! Fell asleep at 10 and woke up at 8.30am. What a dream!! Still managed to dream about the restaurant all night. Cleaning today and then meeting my new restaurant mate … Continue reading Day 7 (Day Off!)

Day 5 at Quintonil

It feels like a lifetime since I first arrived! Today the head Chef was having a creative moment in the prep kitchen which felt quite new and special to me. And I was standing right next to him picking criollo and slyly watching intently. We had received the most beautiful tiger striped langoustine I’ve ever … Continue reading Day 5 at Quintonil

Day 4 at Quintonil

Today was a “short” day, only 13 hours!  I seem to be being accepted a bit more every day.  In terms of cooking: my google research served me well and I figured out how to use xanthum gum. I told Darinka as much and I hope she was quietly impressed by my initiative. I also … Continue reading Day 4 at Quintonil

Day 2 at Quintonil

Woooow! So crazy.  From such a low yesterday to such a significantly better day today. I got stuck into prep Darinka but who speaks English and lived in London (worked at Hibiscus and Bao). I did a million different prep things and tried loads of different foods – including crunchy flying ants (chicitanas) which were … Continue reading Day 2 at Quintonil