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Day 30 in a Mexico Kitchen

Day 30 Today I cracked on with my same old tasks in prep. Today that included squeezing limones, limas, making aguachile, chopping shrimp and cleaning soft-shell crabs.  I made the tea infusion – which is a beautiful little collection of flowers and herbs that are presented as “tea”. I made these with Natalie who was … Continue reading Day 30 in a Mexico Kitchen

Day 29 in Mexico City

Day 29 And yet another “descansa” day. I asked to have this day off to spend with my parents (who leave tomorrow) and to come to the Restaurant for dinner!  Another lazy-ish start, getting out of bed at 9am and launching into my standard chores of hand washing and hanging out my laundry, ironing and … Continue reading Day 29 in Mexico City

Day 28 in Mexico City

Day 28 A day off.  Today I woke up to a lazy day. Stumbling into my local and favourite coffee shop and getting my weekend treat – a latte and whatever delicious freshly baked pastry is on offer at Fournier Rousseau, just across from my flat.  On the phone to my ever wonderful fiancé, I … Continue reading Day 28 in Mexico City